Fun after the Fontan

As you probably know by now, I am not the best at updating but I can not actually believe it has been over a year since the last update on Sam! 

What can I say… Life is good!

Samuel is 4 years old and growing up fast! He is very much looking forward to starting primary school in less than 4 months time. 

Since the last update, we took the kids on their first big holiday on an aeroplane, we celebrated Sam’s 3rd and 4th birthday, had another Christmas been and gone and more recently we went on our second amazing holiday to Ibiza! 

Health-wise, Sam has had no admissions to hospital and has had two very positive check ups with his cardiologist. He is due again within the next couple of months.

In June last year, Sam took up Martial Arts and has worked his way up to an orange belt and has won medals and a trophy in a competition. These are just unbelievabely huge milestones that we never expected to be experiencing at the beginning of this journey. 
I currently work as a Care Manager specialising in home care for clients with Spinal Cord Injuries. Rich works for a local housing association providing garden maintenance to vulnerable tenants. And Emmie is thriving in her first year at primary school. Sam enjoys three days at nursery and copes generally well. They are supportive of him and his condition and they handle any restrictions he faces very well. 

I continue to feel very passionate about supporting others who are on a similar path and will always welcome new parents or parents to be to contact me. 

We also continue to support the Evelina and other organisations that support families with HLHS. My next adventure is an abseil down St Thomas hospital to raise funds for the Savannah ward. 

Watch this space for photos!

Thank you as always to everyone who follows Sam’s journey and supports us along the way. Of course, we know that we have an uncertain future ahead of us but for now, we are so full of joy and contentment in life that we don’t like to think about the future too much. 

Enjoy every day, cherish the special moments and celebrate every milestone!! 

All our love,

The Davy’s



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2 Responses to Fun after the Fontan

  1. Beautiful…truly a “Superman at heart!”

  2. hlhswarrior says:

    Amazing!!! You guys give me so much hope. I am so glad that your son is living a full life.

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